Saturday, March 7, 2009


Pattaya Thailand, like many of the other semi-resort cities along the coast of Thailand has a booming economy due to the many tourists who come to the area to fish, swim, shop, scuba dive, snorkel, or just soaking up some of the warm sunshine.

During the daytime hours, you can take part in hundreds of pleasant and interesting activity. Golfers will appreciate the convenience and challenge of the world class golf courses. For something a bit out of the ordinary as a vacation, rent a bicycle and pedal your way around the sightseeing tours. There are also taxi bicycles for when you prefer to have someone else to the pedaling.

During the nighttime hours, Pattaya Thailand becomes a different world. The bars are open with socializing, dancing, music and just plain fun. There is a wide range in the types of nightclubs, bars and cafes. There are discos, pubs and all transvestite shows .Some of the clubs are elegant, some can only be classified as bawdy, but you may find it enjoyable to sample all of them. You may also enjoy some of the cultural attractions. Some of the more popular nightlife destinations in Pattaya Thailand include Star Music on Walking Street, which has live music and a hopping atmosphere, while the Hopf Brew House is well known for classic dining with a group. A western theme with funky music and theme is found at the Moon River Pub.

Bargaining is expected and enjoyed in Pattaya Thailand. While some Westerners develop the technique, others find it can be intimidating to say the least. You should at least make the effort to challenge the merchant. He loves to hone his skills on foreigners and you just might surprise him by bargaining him down to where you want. It's almost like a carefully choreographed dance with nusic.

The restaurants in Pattaya Thailand are supurb. An example such as the PIC Kitchen features the best in fine dining, while the Sala Rim Today has such unique and tasty supplies at crocodile steaks—not for the faint-hearted. You can breakfast on French cuisine, lunch on German dishes and make your dinner Thai specialties.

The delicately seasoned food is preferred by many over the more spicy dishes of some of the country. The attention to the mix of flavors and the daring conjoining of texture color and flavor makes each Pattaya Thailand day a time to delight in.

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